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  • My obsession with Breynia ‘Ironstone’

    My obsession with Breynia ‘Ironstone’

    Technically this is Breynia cernua ‘Ironstone Range’ and I absolutely adore it, these images are taken in a friends garden, he is a very talented “master” gardener and treats his Breynia ‘Ironstone’ mean….and it loves him for it 😉 I have written about Breynia ‘Ironstone’ before and have been patiently waiting to photograph a fine specimen like…

  • Shady Reds: Breynia ‘Ironstone’

    Shady Reds: Breynia ‘Ironstone’

    This is one of those special native plants that has deep red to burgundy foliage when it receives lots of sun, like Agonis ‘Burgundy’. It is  also one of those special native plants that seems to have no height restriction, or rather non that is published, therefore when I found one that is about 10…

  • Portfolio: Consult Figtree

    Portfolio: Consult Figtree

    I have been busy this week planting out a consult design in Wollongong, it has been very satisfying cleaning up an aged garden, digging up weeds and tree roots and planting fresh natives. The bones of the garden were already there, pathways, existing large trees and a brand new renovation and deck, what was needed…