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  • Brilliant Banksia ‘Orange Glow’

    Brilliant Banksia ‘Orange Glow’

    I have written a lot about the dwarf varieties of Banksia¬†spinulosa but virtually nothing about the dwarf forms of Banksia ericifolia, I must rectify this! They are also prolific flowerers and have a wonderful dense habit and are equally bird attracting. There are several varieties, however the one in these images is Banksia ericifolia ‘Orange…

  • Another Favourite Grafted Grevillea: Grevillea candelabra ‘Pink’

    Another Favourite Grafted Grevillea: Grevillea candelabra ‘Pink’

    Grevillea candelabra Grafted is another grafted Grevillea that I am rather fond of, it is not as showy or unusual as some of the other grafted species, but it has proven to be an incredibly versatile and useful plant for me time and again. There are a Pink and a White form both of which…

  • Polarising plants: Ozothamnus diosmifolius

    Polarising plants: Ozothamnus diosmifolius

    I love plants that have the capacity to completely divide people, where they are either loved or hated. I think Ozothamnus diosmifolius is one such plant, I have only been recently converted and I must say it is partly by the discovery of all the new colours out there, pinks, oranges and the most amazing…