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  • Eye catching Kennedia nigricans

    Eye catching Kennedia nigricans

    There is a lack of black in our national floral range, I can think of only three off the top of my head and this striking Kennedia is one of them, this is Kennedia nigricans! the others are Macropedia and a Gastrolobium, if you know of more please let me know. Kennedia nigricans is a…

  • Portfolio: Garden Design Lillyfield

    Portfolio: Garden Design Lillyfield

    Thanks so much for our garden Kath, we love it! I love this garden too! I love its quirky, modern feel where details are appreciated, the client pushed me to think out of the box more than I normally do. This is a small garden by suburban standards but large by inner city ones. It…

  • Portfolio: Engadine Garden Design

    Portfolio: Engadine Garden Design

    I designed this garden in Sydney’s southern suburbs in the spring of 2010, it was built and planted shortly after and has flourished. Every time I visit I am amazed at how quickly the plants are becoming established. I love the garden, it is exactly what I wanted, I am so happy with it  …