Month: February 2017

  • My Favourite Native Hibiscus

    My Favourite Native Hibiscus

    Many people are not aware of the range of native hibiscus species that grow here in Australia, they are often not seen in cultivation or mistaken for exotics. I have a few favourites that I like to incorporate in my gardens and at the moment these are my top three, however everything is subject to…

  • Mallee Design SHOP

    Mallee Design SHOP

    It is official! the Mallee birdbaths and water dishes have their very own online shop! they will be much more comfortable there 😉 they can take up as much space and get as much attention as they need. Please visit for all bird bath purchases. We have had a price change also, all the new prices…

  • Tapestry Gardens 2: MONA

    Tapestry Gardens 2: MONA

    When I was at Mona in Hobart last month as always I had my camera with me, I love the planting design at MONA and I had a few spare minutes between consuming modern art to snap some inspiring pictures. I took these photos because I loved the plant combinations and wanted to sure these…