Month: September 2016

  • Portfolio: Bondi Consult

    Portfolio: Bondi Consult

    This garden was a simple consult and then a couple of weekends of intensive clearing out by the client, then I came in for the fun part 🙂 Two large Frangipani trees shade the west facing front garden in Summer but let the well needed sun through in winter, it is practically illegal to remove…

  • Hi Vallee Farm: Kwongan Country

    Hi Vallee Farm: Kwongan Country

    We stayed at an amazing property 3 and a half-hours north of Perth in mid-August, where the local flora did not disappoint.  I must admit I found it quite difficult to plan my Western Australia wild flower trip and after many hours of internet research discovered  Hi Vallee Farm. And no, I have not pushed…

  • Kings Park Favourites

    Kings Park Favourites

    This post is about one of my visits to Kings Park last month, I went twice and still felt as though I hadn’t seen everything, however the images I took were mainly of plants that I think can be grown on the east coast of NSW. This blog post is about some of my favourites. The…