Month: August 2016

  • Happy National Wattle Day: Acacia glaucoptera

    Happy National Wattle Day: Acacia glaucoptera

    How wonderful is the smell of Wattles flowering right now? I have an Acacia fimbriata Dwarf growing next to my driveway and at the moment wherever I go I seem to be leaving a trail of pale yellow wattle flowers behind me, as they like to hitch a ride on my clothes as I get…

  • Grass Trees of Fremantle

    Grass Trees of Fremantle

    I have just come back from Western Australia and have maaaany photos to share, as I am a little overwhelmed by the volume of my images and don’t really know where to start I thought I would start at the beginning of the trip….the first thing (plants) that blew me away. Grass Trees.   In the…