Unusual foliage


Of course this Grevillea intricata is from WA! these amazing needle like leaves form a dense tangle with the stems remaining a deep red, it is beautiful even when not in flower. Read more ›

Street address


This a grafted Grevillea and is planted on the lower side of a sandstone wall next to a Doryanthes excelsa and has been encouraged to spill over onto the street side. Read more ›

Royal National Park


This photo was taken on the Forest Way bush walk in the Royal National Park, it show the Cabbage tree (Livistona australis) palms at their best, the Illawarra escarpment is full of these palms also, for me it is a Read more ›

Lambertia formosa


I am constantly asked for plants that are bird attracting, which then leads to the question of what type of birds are you trying to attract? Read more ›

Forked Fern


This ferns is rather unlike other ferns. It grows branches stemming out from the centre in a hexagonal shape, it appears as though the the branchlets will keep dividing indefinitely. Read more ›

Favourite grass


Ficinia nodosa or as previously known Isolepsis is one of my favourite grasses, it grows anywhere from sand dunes to swamps.  Read more ›

Hanging leaf pattern


Myoporum floribundum would have to be the most delicate looking shrub around, the long leaves hang down almost vertically and when it is in flower the tiny white buds sit atop the stems in a unusual arrangement. Read more ›

Texture and contrast


This is a beautiful example of a planting made with foliage in mind, the leaves of these two small trees are in every way complimenting each other. Read more ›

Casuarina ground cover


This is a Casuarina ground cover called ‘Shagpile’, it creates the most amazing spill over plant and when grown straight along the ground develops its own bumps and waves, it is the most tactile plant. Read more ›