Illawarra Festival of Wood: Friday 6th to Saturday 7th October 2017 @ Bulli Showground


We will be at the Illawarra Festival of Wood next weekend selling our spun copper water bowls and birdbaths. The festival will be showcasing local & regional wood artisans as well as celebrating a variety of wood related crafts & forest industries.
The Festival runs from Friday 6th to Saturday 7th October 10am to 5pm

I will also have a selection of Native plants for sale, I will be selling cabinetry timber trees and wildlife attracting natives. I’m exited to announce I will also have a selection of rarer Indigenous Illawarra species grown by backyard local growers, please see the plant list below:

Alectryon subcinereus – Native Quince
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana – Bangalow Palm
Baloghia inophylla – Brush Bloodwood
Diospyros pentamera –Myrtle Ebony
Elaeocarpus kirtonii – Pigeonberry Ash
Elaeodendron australe – Red Fruited Olive Plum
Gmelina leichhardtii – White Beech
Glochidion ferdinandi –Cheese Tree
Livistona australis – Cabbage Tree Palm
Melicope micrococca – Doughwood
Parachidendron pruinosum- Snow Wood
Podocarpus elatus – Plum pine
Syzygium paniculatum – Magenta Cherry
Citriobatus pauciflorus (Pittosporum multiflorum) – Orange Thorn
Dodonaea viscosa – Hop Bush
Eupomatia laurina – Bolwarra
Hedycarya angustifolia – Native Mulberry
Hymenanthera dentata – Tree Violet
Macrozamia communis – Burrawang
Tasmannia insipida – Brush Pepper Bush
Zieria smithii – Sandfly Zieria
Billardiera scandens – Apple Dumplings
Crinum pedunculatum – Swamp Lily
Cynoglossum australe – Forest Hound’s Tongue
Deeringia amaranthoides – Deeringia
Dichondra repens –Kidney Weed
Gymnostachys anceps – Settler’s Flax
Hibbertia scandens – Hibbertia – Golden Guinea Vine
Morinda jasminoides – Jasmine Morinda
Pollia crispata – Pollia
Viola hederacea – Native Violet
Alphitonia excelsa – Red ash
Banksia integrifolia – Coast banksia
Callistemon salignus – Pink tips
Myoporum acuminatum – Boobialla
Myrsine variabilis – Muttonwood
Scolopia braunii – Flint wood
Streblus brunonianus – Whalebone tree
Dianella caerulea – Blue flax lily
Eustrephus latifolius – Wombat berry
Isolepis nodosa – Knobby club rush
Geitonoplesium cymosum – Scrambling lily
Ghania clarkeii – Saw sedge

Please come and say ‘Hello’, we will be there both days!




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