Mallee Spun Copper Bird Baths and Water Bowls on Display at Sydney Wildflower Nursery

I have set up a small display of my spun copper birdbaths and water bowls in the beautiful native gardens at Sydney Wildflower Nursery : 9 Veno St, Heathcote, located in southern Sydney Ph 9548 2818.

The bird baths may be purchased directly from the Sydney Wildflower Nursery, but they can also be purchased online and shipped to metropolitan centres all around Australia.


This is the perfect place to view them in a garden environment surrounded by native plants as they were intended to be 🙂


You can visit the nursery all week, open 7 days from 9am to 5pm.


If you are interested in purchasing a dish, send me an email or try my mobile (I don’t have voicemail but you can always send a text)




9 thoughts on “Mallee Spun Copper Bird Baths and Water Bowls on Display at Sydney Wildflower Nursery

  1. Deborah Robinson on

    Interested in the copper birdbath with sandstone plinth. Do you have an outlet in Queensland? Can we have price on delivery to Queensland or would like to arrange delivery.

  2. Louise Travers on

    What is the diameter of the Large spun copper dish?

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Louise,

      The large spun copper dish is The dish is wide and shallow: 780mm wide x 50mm deep, it holds 12 litres of water.



  3. Lynley on

    do you have an outlet in wa? or how much to freight the small one over?

  4. Rosemary on

    Hello, I have the medium dish with stand. What plants would you suggest that I grow around the dish, covering the stand, so the dish would appear to float amongst the foliage. The position is in partial shade and I have sandy soil.

    Your suggestions would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Rosemary,

      Plants that grow to around half a metre look really great around the floating steel stand. I love things like:
      Acacia ‘Mini Cog’
      Grevillea ‘Winter Delight’
      Poa ‘Kingsdale’
      Themeda ‘True Blue’
      Kunzea ambigua prostrate
      Correa glabra
      Olearia tomentosa
      All of these species are very quick growing too!

      Best Wishes,


  5. Maureen Brunn on

    Hi Rosemary, I love your spun copper dishes nd would like to know if you have any outlets in Perth WA.



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