Just the Dish!

This copper bird bath is spun by a local metal spinner. It is wide and shallow so that it will occasionally dry out, inhibiting mosquito populations. If you are interested or would like to know more about this bird bath, please contact me, or you can purchase it over here.


The dishes look great sitting on a tree stump or simply on the ground, I have also used terracotta pipe or even an old tyre as a base.


The dish is wide and shallow: 780mm wide x 50mm deep, it holds 12 litres of water. The copper will develop a blueish patina or verdigris over time that will seal and strengthen the dish.


In the image above you can see the dish hanging from a client’s tree in a macrame holder, let your imagination run wild with the possibilities of using this dish in your garden!



This bird bath can be purchased over here.

12 replies on “Just the Dish!”

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  2. Mary Savage on

    Please advise cost of delivery to Somers (3927) Victoria, method of payment for a large bird bath and approximate wait time.

  3. Anthony Martinez on

    Are you in the USA? What sizes do these come in and what are the prices.

  4. Carol Ridgway on

    Hi, I love these bird baths, how much are they? I am in the Daylesford area in Victoria.

  5. Craig Richardson on

    Hi Carol,

    Is the large dish robust enough to withstand the occasional knock by a large kangaroo off a 1 metre stand.

    My last ceramic dish was smashed by roos who used it as a water source.

    • Kath Gadd on

      Hi Craig,

      The large dish wouldn’t crack or break if knocked off a 1 metre stand, however it might dent or bend depending what it fell onto.
      If you have Kangaroos drinking from the dish I would suggest setting it up on the ground rather than on a stand.

      Hope this information helps,



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