A job done well: Pandorea pandorana ‘Snowbells’

If you need a reliable, quick growing climber to screen or cover an area, that attracts birds and bees and generally looks healthy and flowers profusely… well then what do you think of Pandorea pandorana ‘Snowbells’?

This is form of Pandora produces masses of snowy white trumpet-like flowers in late winter and early spring, attracting birds and bees alike.

The fence in the image above has a few Pandorea ‘Snowbells’ planted along its 15 metre frontage. The entire picket fence is covered with the flower dripping vine, look at the spent flowers on the footpath and it is still producing!

Most Pandoreas grow well in heavy shade, this one is planted on the south side of the house so only receives half day sun, they also perform in full sun provided they have a cool root run and moist soil. Basically they are very hardy!

There are many colours of Pandora pandorana, but I do like the simplicity and purity of ‘Snowbells’, the creamy white constrasts beautifully with the glossy dark green leaves and would light up a dark corner.

Pandora ‘Snowbells’ would grow well as a ground cover too, just be aware of its rather advanced capabilities as a climber…don’t plant it too close to large shrubs or trees as it will readily scale them and become difficult to control from the upper canopy. However, kept in check and pruned when needed this climber is extremely useful and hardy, goodbye boring fences!

One thought on “A job done well: Pandorea pandorana ‘Snowbells’

  1. Aldo Sesta on

    Hi Kath
    Is that just the one plant and how long do you think it took to establish like that?

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