Stunning Arid Plant: Ptilotus exaltatus


This is Ptilotus exaltatus, Lambs tail or Pink Mulla, in full bloom at Mt Annan Botanic gardens. Here it has been mass planted for full effect, to replicate what you would see in the desert, a field of soft pink Read more ›

Prostrate Woolly Bush


This is the Albany Woolly Bush or Adenanthos x cunninghamii, it is a most apt name for it as everyone is drawn to the soft feathery looking foliage to feel it and see if it feels as fluffy as it Read more ›

Hot Candy!


This is my favourite Brachyscome at the moment, not for its tacky name (where do they get them from???), but for its running habit and thick leaf. Brachsyscome ‘Hot Candy’ is seen here growing in part shade and still flowering Read more ›

Portfolio: Maroubra Garden Design


This is a coastal garden located at Maroubra beach which backs onto the park at the south end. It is the most spectacular location, just a stroll out the back gate to the beach. It is actually two residences with Read more ›

Native Plants for Pots and Containers


There are so many native plants that will grow well in a container or pot. This is of course the iconic Sturt Desert Pea, Swansonia formosa, these can now be found grafted, making them a little bit hardier for us Read more ›